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At Utah State University’s Sunrise Sessions, faculty and students share their research with community members and business leaders from the Wasatch Front. Held quarterly in downtown Salt Lake City, these early-morning presentations detail how USU research addresses pressing issues that impact Utah’s citizens and its future.

All are invited to attend these events at no charge thanks to generous sponsorship by Regence Blue Cross Blue Shield.

Each session is free and open to the public.

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Next Sunrise Session: November 7, 2017. Jed Hancock

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Jed Hancock

Protecting Our Planet and Mapping Our Future with USU Space Technology

Our planet Earth is drifting through a cosmic shooting gallery of remnant debris from the solar system formation process. Bright meteoroid showers and large impact craters are physical evidence of our nearby asteroid population and the potential danger they present. NASA uses technology provided by the Space Dynamics Laboratory (SDL) at Utah State University (USU) for missions like WISE to find near Earth objects (NEOs) and OSIRIS-REx to bring an asteroid sample back to Earth. SDL is currently working on a future mission for NASA called the Near Earth Object Camera (NEOCam) that will find millions of unknown objects and diagnose the threat of potentially hazardous asteroids (PHAs). The space research performed at USU/SDL maps our future by educating the next generation of scientists and engineers, furthering scientific understanding, and providing for our national security.

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