Executive Summary


The Annual Report to the Faculty Senate

The annual report to the Faculty Senate covers the major activities of the Office of Research and Graduate Studies, Research Council and Graduate Council from July 1, 2012 through June 30, 2013. It is a summary of all units for which the Vice President and Dean has responsibility and includes the Graduate School, Sponsored Programs Division, Research & Proposal Development Division, Environmental Health and Safety Division, Institutional Review Board, Laboratory Animal Research Center, Research Computing Division, and Research Integrity & Compliance Division. Additionally, this office is responsible for the management of the USU Research Council and the USU Graduate Council. This report, for the first time, reflects the full integrated Office of Research and Graduate Studies and will be presented based on the mission and goals of the office, including the specific actions of the two associated university councils.


Mission of the Office Research and Graduate Studies

It is the mission of USU’s Office of Research and Graduate Studies to facilitate research and graduate education among faculty and students by:

• Producing internal funding opportunities and external funding guidance.
• Providing efficient research support services.
• Developing individual researcher capacity.
• Facilitating graduate student recruitment, admissions, support, and degree completion.
• Supporting graduate and undergraduate research.

Strategic Goals of the Office of Research and Graduate Studies

1. Expand the success of Utah State University’s graduate students.
2. Increase the competitiveness of Utah State University in contracts and grants.
3. Increase individual researcher capacity and productivity.
4. Enhance graduate and undergraduate research programs.